Covid19 Risk Assessment

Covid19 Risk Assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought terrible challenges in both public and private sectors. COVID-19 risk assessment helps the organization to bring back employees back to work safely. Green World Group, the pioneers in HSE consultancy and training would help to create COVID – 19 resilient workplace. Our expert panel members on workplace health risk can help organizations to create and establish effective COVID-19 resilient workplace.

Need of COVID – 19 risk assessment:

COVID- 19 risk assessment has become recent specific requirement for all organization re-opening and employees returning back to their workplace. Employers have the responsibility to safeguard their employees from harm at workplace, which includes taking adequate steps to safeguard employees from COVID-19 by means of risk assessment.

Things to be done:
• Identify work activities/situations that may causes virus transmission
• Think about people who could be at risk
• Figure out the probability of someone being exposed
• Remove the work activity / situation that causes spread of virus, if this isn’t possible control the risk with effective measures

It is important to demonstrate stakeholders that the organization is COVID-19 secure. Also the risk assessment results should be shared with employees. Organizations should run in adherence with updated rules and regulations by announced by government.

How can Green World Group help?

Green World Group mainly focuses on following three aspects
• Getting employees back safely
• Manage Risk
• Be resilient.

It is true that we don’t have enough confidence or resource to keep up up to date procedures and produce risk assessment which will stand up to scrutiny. But there is a confident that risk can be assessed and find required external verification that helps to reassure whether that is suitable and sufficient.

Green World Group will provide independent advice to organizations on health and safety perspective in any stage of process. Our specialist can assist the organizations to track the recognized control measures in accordance with HSE standard, government and specific industrial updates. GWG has been supporting number of diversified workplaces since the tentative steps out of lockdown.

Green World Group had recently conducted 3 batches of virtual corporate training on health and safety environment awareness & COVID – 19 precautions for the employees of Valmet Technology. 85 professionals from Valmet Technologies successfully completed the training session conducted by Mr.R.Loganathan, Senior HSE Consultant of Green World Group. GWG offers various international health and safety courses across the world through virtual –live training that can be taken by participants from being in their own comfortable place. Safety aspirants and professionals can choose their interested course to become a component safety professional.

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