Defensive Driving Training At Ramboll

Defensive Driving Training At Ramboll


Green World Group feels delighted to have splendid success in the in-company training on “Defensive Driving” for the delegates of Ramboll. This session was led by our experienced tutor Mr. Hormuz Siodia.


Defensive Driving Training

Defensive Driving is specialized training that enables drivers to take appropriate action to avoid the risk of vehicle accidents and traffic violations. It makes the individual to understand the driving rules, standard driving practices, and safety precautions for anticipating hazardous situations, adverse conditions & driving errors.

Effective Defensive Driving training helps to,

Identify and address the hazards

Improves driving skills on how to drive safely in bad climatic conditions.

Gain Knowledge to deal with unanticipated situations/accidents

Lower the exposure to liability risks and legal costs

Protect brand identity and business operation

Why Green World?

Green World has a group of knowledgeable Experts with more than 16 years of experience providing health and safety training and consultancy services. We examine what businesses require, apply our experience, and create solutions that raise safety standards.

For further details about the course, please call +971 552851440 or +91 8015527650 & Mail us at (or)

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