Defensive Driving Training at Super Gas

Defensive Driving Training at Super Gas


A success that well deserves. Our in-house training team has again demonstrated that they worked beyond the limits and it turns out to be a great success. It’s the most delightful moment to share that we delivered Defensive Driving Training to the client Super Gas on 15/12/2022. Proud and honored that our session has over 100 participants from different locations. A massive thank you to the tutor Mr. Hormuz who handled the session truly exceptional.

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Transport Safety/ Defensive Driving Training

This defensive driving training is highly intensive in delivering the knowledge to the learners that improve their skills and lessen the risks by anticipating situations such as the risk of motor vehicle collisions. This defensive training helps motorists in identifying and addressing hazards in a predictable manner and make safe well-informed decisions in spite of the road and environmental conditions and the action of others, to have a safe driving maneuver.

Taking this training helps motorists in brushing up their skills around driving and be equipped with the understanding to become full-fledged safe drivers.

Why Green World?

We are a group of knowledge-based professionals bringing 16+ years of experience in delivering health and safety consultancy and services. We assess what’s needed for businesses, incorporate our expertise and come up with solutions that heighten safety standards.

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