Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training


Green World delivered effective & dynamic In-company Face to Face Training to the delegates of TECHNOLUBE LLC in Jebel Ali, Dubai on 20th October 2022. This training was conducted by our Well experienced tutor Mr. Varun Vignesh who has vast experience in this field.

What is Fire Safety Training?

Fire Safety Training provides a set of procedures and practices to eliminate the destruction caused by fire hazards.

This training helps the workers learn about potential fire hazards in the workplace and how to safely respond in a fire emergency, the safety evacuation routes, and the usage of firefighting equipment.

Why the Fire Safety Training is Important?

Fire is considered the most common threat to workplace accidents. Every industry can experience an unexpected fire at their workplace, which may lead to multiple fatalities, property loss, legal complications, fines, and imprisonment.

To minimize these hazards, an organization should design proper fire control techniques and create awareness among workers through training.

By taking part in this fire safety training, an employee can manage fire threats and react to a fire promptly and effectively. It provides confidence in identifying hazards, conducting a fire risk assessment, and taking the necessary action to prevent fire incidents in the workplace.

Fire Safety

Benefits of Fire Safety Training

This training provides proficiency in handling workplace hazards and helps to eliminate risk in emergencies.

It helps the employee to deal with the rescue of people and property from workplace fire hazards, which can occur at any time.

It provides practical knowledge on various fire safety devices and their working mechanism.

It aids in creating an efficient emergency response plan, safety evacuation procedures and proper usage of firefighting equipment at the workplace.

Who can take this Training?



Safety officer

Fire Warden

Fire technicians

Emergency response and rescue personnel

Any Employees who want to enhance their knowledge of workplace fire safety can value this training.

Why Green World

Green World Group is the leading health and safety consultancy services and training provider globally. And offers a range of health and safety qualifications including extensive fire safety training to corporates and individuals. We assist you in improving your organization and being more efficient. Do you want to learn more about fire safety?

For further details about the course, please call +971 552851440 or +91 8015527650 & Mail us at (or)

“Our fire safety training may help you save time and money while also
increasing the quality of your workplace.”

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