First Aid In-Company Training

First Aid In-Company Training


Green World Group a world-class health and safety consulting and training services provider, delivered life-saving first aid training to delegates of Dutch View Technologies Bangalore on 04th November 2022, this session was led by Mr. Senthil Nathan (Tutor/HSE Consultant) who has extensive experience in this field.

About the Dutch view

Dutch view is an innovative IT company that creates software by utilizing Dutch common sense as a starting point. Since 2011, their product has enabled organizations to function more efficiently.

What is first aid training?

First aid training is identifying and responding to basic medical emergencies. It is not limited to medical reasons but can be applied to many situations where a person’s health is at risk.

First aid training was delivered in Dutch view Premises, and the training deals with the following

The roles and responsibilities of a first-aider

Assessing an emergency situation safely

CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

AED – Automated external defibrillator

Administering first aid to a choking casualty

Dealing with shock, burns, scalds, bleeds, and minor injuries and more…


In this training, Clients learn how to recognize medical emergencies and take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others.

Why First Aid Awareness is important to Employees?

Employees who are adequately trained in first aid and life support will make the workplace safer and more secure, possibly saving someone’s life. This crucial life-saving ability keeps the victim’s condition from worsening and helps them feel protected.

First aid training benefits everyone in the workplace, including managers, employees, customers, and the general public. It should be part of the ethics of all employers, regardless of industry.

Why Green World Group?

Green World Group is the top-ranked HSE training and consultancy service provider across the Middle East, North Africa & India Regions. Green World’s core competencies are to deliver quality services in an ever-expanding portfolio of in-company training, safety auditing, risk assessment training, and recruitment for individuals and corporations from a diverse range of backgrounds all over the world while adhering to self-imposed ethics such as integrity, honesty, and collaboration.

Our Unmatched expertise and High-Quality standard in health and safety training provide many benefits to our clients and candidates globally. The bespoke nature of the course is highly appreciated and valued by our clients whose requirements extend beyond the scope of standardized courses offered by most organizations.

“Green World Group” understands the concerns of safety that big industrial houses face on a regular basis through continuous market surveys and research. We work with customers to find solutions to safety issues so that they can continue to operate their businesses without any issues.

Our HSE services will ease of the anxiety and stress caused by noncompliance with safety regulations.

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