HAZMAT In-house-Training

HAZMAT In-house-Training

Green World delivered an intense & essential In-company face-to-face HAZMAT Awareness training to the delegates of our prestigious client “CPL Aromas FZE” at Jebel Ali, Dubai on 02nd September 2022. This training was led by our experienced tutor Mr. Varun Vignesh who has effective knowledge in this field.

What is HAZMAT Training?

HAZMAT Training is a course customized explicitly for individuals who handle hazardous materials at the workplace and take themselves in case of any incidents like a leak, spread or spill which may cause harm to the life, property or environment.

This training prepares the employees to work with hazardous materials, chemicals, emergency response, cleaning up hazardous material spills in the workplace.

Risk in HAZMAT handling:

Chemical exposure and other hazardous materials create impacts to human from simple skin irritation to long-term illnesses like cancer. Creating a safety culture in workplace while handling, transporting, and storing hazardous materials is essential. Every individual who is responsible for the transportation of hazardous material needs to be HAZMAT trained in their routine job to avoid workplace risk.

Who needs HAMAT training?

Any employee who is working directly with hazardous materials needs hazmat training. Government agencies require certain levels of training for people working with hazardous materials. It focuses on accident prevention and safe transportation of packages containing hazardous materials.

Importance of HAZMAT Training:

  • Hazmat training increases the employee’s safety awareness and act as essential element in reducing hazmat incidents.
  • They also aid them in being aware of potentially hazardous materials and the methods of handling them safely.
  • It helps to minimizes the incidents and reduces the operating costs, property damage and increases company profits.
  • It ensures the organization abides by the law enforced by the government and functions without being penalized.

Training by Green World Group

Green world provides a complete HAZMAT awareness training program for your organization employee’s to equip themselves to process safety in the workplace. We have highly qualified professionals as trainers with several years of experience in the HSE domain. Our trainers provide superior quality of education to the clients to boost their HSE skills in the Workplace. We have flexible training hours which ensure the clients to learn them while they work.

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