For any occupational health and safety professional, getting IOSH membership should be the ultimate goal. IOSH membership can throw open countless career opportunities. Also, members who have highest membership levels can interact directly with industry leaders and bring notable changes in their profession.

How to apply for IOSH membership

The cost for an affiliate membership application is Rs 14000/- per year which includes one-year subscription of a monthly magazine, weekly email dispatch, chance to participate over 300 learning events and IOSH international journal.

IOSH Membership Levels

IOSH offers several membership levels with each requiring certain qualifications, skills and working knowledge.

Affiliate Member

Associate Member

Technician Member

Graduate Member

Chartered Member

Chartered Fellow

IOSH Membership Benefits

IOSH membership level 1: Affiliate Member

To become an affiliate member, you don’t require any special requirement. You can apply for the membership anytime of the year. Once became the member, you can associate with the local IOSH unit and build your networking with similar industry members. With this membership fee, you can interact with an industry specific group. If you want to access more groups, you should pay an additional annual fee of Rs 923/- per group.

IOSH membership level 2: Associate Member (AIOSH)

To get this membership level, one should have an accredited IOSH qualification such as IOSH Working Safely. Associate Members (AIOSH) can be workers who have given training to work safely but can’t work as health and safety professionals. Associate members having working experience can become technical members. With Associate membership, you can carry your name with letters AIOSH.

Tech IOSH Membership Level 3:(Tech IOSH)

You can become a Technical Member if you have certifications such as NEBOSH and experience as workplace safety professionals. Members at this level are expected to undergo Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to maintain their level of knowledge. CPD helps to find out gaps in your knowledge and skills so that corrective measures can be taken. Technical members can carry their names with Tech IOSH.

Grad IOSH Membership level 4: (Grad IOSH)

To achieve this membership, one should have an IOSH degree or equivalent qualification such as NEBOSH National Diploma.

Grad IOSH Membership Requirements

Members can join the Initial Professional Development (IPD) program, which should be completed for those aiming for Chartered Member, which normally will take two to five years. Graduate members are expected to maintain updated CPD.

Graduate Members can put their name before Grad IOSH.

Chartered Member of IOSH Level 5:(CMIOSH Membership)

Chartered Members are considered to have highest knowledge and skills in health and safety. Aspiring Chartered Members must do graduate membership and then complete the IPD programme.

You are expected to perform some activities as part of your IPD that may include a skill development portfolio (SDP) and assessment. After IPD, you should go through peer review interview to become a Chartered Member of IOSH. CMIOSH members are expected to remain up to date with CPD.

As a Charted member, you can put your name with the letters CMIOSH and also declare yourself as a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner.

IOSH membership level 6: Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH)

Chartered Members are given highest regard as they possess exceptional commitment to the profession and hence are awarded Fellowship. To become Chartered Fellow, one must spend five years as chartered members and showcase themselves as an ambassador for IOSH.

What to know about IOSH? Our FAQs section has more details about our accredited courses.

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