Becoming a chartered member of IOSH is highly recommended especially when you want to pursue career in occupational health and safety.  IOSH membership is one of the most admired and recognized international safety educators and boards based in U.K, which certifies safety courses.

Whether you have experience in dealing with workplace health and safety or inclined to improve your skill sets, IOSH membership will be immensely helpful for your career development.Being the Chartered body for health and safety professionals and with over 44,000 members, IOSH is the major safety and health organisation in the world.

IOSH Membership Categories

IOSH membership levels are classified into six categories. Each IOSH membership grades depends on experience, qualifications and career goals.

Affiliate Member

Associate Member

Technician Member

Graduate Member

Chartered Member

Chartered Fellow

IOSH membership level 1: Affiliate Member

All new members are given IOSH Affiliate Membership. They get immediate access to all the services and benefits of membership. The board scrutinizes qualification and experience of the new members to award them the next suitable membership.

IOSH membership level 2: Associate Member (AIOSH)

To become an Associate member, you must have one of the accredited level 3 certifications. Though no health or safety experience is mandated, you should demonstrate understanding on health and safety through a nationally recognized qualification.

IOSH membership level 3: Technician Member (Tech IOSH)

For Technician Member i.e Tech IOSH requirements, you must have some experience along with a level 3 qualification such as NEBOSH certificate. You can gain experience through voluntary activity, part time or full time job in health and safety. You will have to maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

IOSH membership level 4: Graduate Member (Grad IOSH)

For Graduate Membership i.e Grad IOSH requirements, you should have an IOSH-accredited degree level qualification such as NEBOSH Diploma. This membership is for those who are working towards Chartered Membership where you need to complete Initial Professional Development (IPD) in a period between two to three years.

IOSH membership level 5: Chartered Member (CMIOSH)

All Graduate Members are eligible to apply for Charter Membership who should have a minimum two years of IPD scheme. Chartered Members should maintain their Continuing Professional Development throughout their career. This cmiosh membership is highly recognized by businesses and employers.

IOSH membership level 6: Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH)

Chartered Members completing five years in service are considered for Fellowship and are known as health and safety ‘ambassadors’ of the respective industry.

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