How tough is IOSH Managing Safely?

How tough is IOSH Managing Safely?

If you are with intention to do a short health and safety course for team leaders, for example, IOSH Managing Safely But you may be stressed over how hard it will be to get pass, Hope this post will assure you that you can do it successfully.

IOSH Managing Safely is a will be an essential risk management course which is used by businesses people throughout the world to get their managers and supervisors prepared with the practical skills  to ensure their groups are working securely and productively.

Here are the responses to the most popular inquiries on how hard is IOSH Managing Safely truly is and other relevant facts about assessments. 

How arduous is IOSH Managing Safely?

Anybody can take up IOSH Managing Safely course and pass in it . The IOSH Managing Safely is a level – 2 course , appropriate for team manager / leader , directors and supervisors. No earlier knowledge in health and safety is required, except a good  standard of English is needed. you will be provided with great course materials, resources, and excellent support and guidance, passing the course is easy with anybody’s  reach. It is important  that you spend time for learning. If you are E-Learning student, you can take yourself enough time to finish the course and assessments before your access to course gets over.

Is the IOSH Managing Safely exams are hard?

Consider the exams as greater than an assessment made up of a test and practical risk assessment project. In this way, when you finish the course, there will be a 45-minute MCQ’s / short answer test which consists of 30 questions. Similarly there will be a risk assessment project, which has practical application as risk assessment that must be done in your work place. This should be finished within few days after exam sitting.

Read our direction on the best way to learn productively on the course and how to finish the Risk Assessment Project effectively.

Passing criteria for IOSH Managing Safely

To get pass in IOSH Managing Safely and get your certification you should pass both the Multiple Choice Question / short answer test and the practical work-based risk assessment.

IOSH Managing Safely Pass Marks

Multiple-Choice Question test Risk Assessment Practical
Minimum mark to pass 36/60 23/38
Maximum mark 60 60

If you have understood the ideas and examples in the course materials and if you also follow and implement them in your test and practical risk assessment there is no motivation behind why you can’t join 1000’s of others and achieve  well above 90%.

where can I take IOSH exams?

If you are a classroom learner, you will go through the examination in the classroom after the tutor has completed the course content. Where as in case of  E-Learning student, you will face the exam via online after you have finished every one of the modules of your course.

When will IOSH results accomplished?

You will know whether you have pass by getting your Certificate in 8 to 10 weeks after finishing the course and the work place assessment


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