How to Choose Right NEBOSH Course Provider?

How to Choose Right NEBOSH Course Provider?

With safety becoming integral part of every employment activity, career in health and safety has gained prominence among youth. For HSE aspirants, NEBOSH qualification should be the first step. But choosing the right course is crucial. We have analysed different NEBOSH courses to help decide the right course for you.

NEBOSH Course Qualification

NEBOSH have introductory courses which focus on basic safety and health practices that can be implemented in every workplace. It helps workers improvise safety environments and also provide a stepping-stone to pursue advanced levels in NEBOSH.

NEBOSH awards covers wide range of topics in health and safety. The qualification deals with common workplace hazards and how best it can be identified, managed and controlled. Students also get to know risk assessment principles. No prior knowledge is mandatory to do this course, and the certification is valid throughout the world.

NEBOSH Certificate

NEBOSH certifications are risk-specific pertaining to different industries and regions inclusive of national and international safety laws.

The Nebosh safety course provides excellent footing in health and safety management systems for those working as safety managers, supervisors and handling HSE responsibilities.

NEBOSH International General Certificate is the most sought-after and regarded safety course. Considered as Level 3 qualification equivalent to UK A-levels, the certification implies deep knowledge in health and safety with regard to modern workplaces.

The accredited course helps candidates identify, evaluate and control wide range of hazards. The qualification also entails students understand legal requirements for managing health and safety.

Candidates acquiring NEBOSH International General Certification are capable of improving safety culture in their organisations through various means.


As a Nebosh Level 6 qualification, NEBOSH National Diploma, is a widely recognised and must-have qualification for safety professionals.

The popularity of this course can be judged by the fact that nearly half of the safety jobs advertised in UK seek applicants with NEBOSH Diploma.

The qualification also helps candidates develop professional competency, decision making ability and meeting compliance obligations and business interests.

The certification demands high-level preparation and time commitment. So, it is advisable that aspiring candidates go through foundation courses in health and safety or gain practical knowledge in safety before joining NEBOSH IGC.

How to learn Nebosh Training in Green World Group?

  • After decided about the course, one should decide the mode of study. Students can either take classroom, in-company or distance/e-learning methods to complete the course.
  • Classroom learning has its own advantages. One has to invest time and efforts to attend classes where candidates can concentrate better, more focused to develop skills and face low distraction.
  • Organisations want to train workers in safety, prefer in-house method. The major advantage is that the training can be customised to fit any work environment and flexible in terms of time and place to suit workers.
  • In case of e-learning, candidates find their delivery cycle faster than classroom learning. Whereas in classroom, students get to learn things in systematic way due to limitation of time, classrooms and tutors.
  • E-learning offers flexibility in terms of deciding study hours and exam schedule. They don’t have to compromise on personal and professional time but can decide when to study and complete the course. Whether classroom or e-learning, there is absolutely no difference in terms of recognition.

Have you chosen your course?

So, you are now aware of which NEBOSH course is ideal for you and how you are going to study!
But if you still have some apprehensions, take a look at our website or talk to our course coordinator.

For further details, call us or email to us, we are always happy to help you.

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