How to Change the Failure to Success in NEBOSH Exam

How to Change the Failure to Success in NEBOSH Exam

Are you unsuccessful in your NEBOSH Certificate exam? Have you got low marks? Don’t worry, you have options to complete NEBOSH exam in flying colours. NEBOSH board provides you with two possibilities to reverse your results.

  1. Apply to re-assess or re-mark your exam paper(s)
  2. Re-appear or re-sit NEBOSH exam(s)

Re-marking NEBOSH Exams (EAR form for NEBOSH)

You have done well, but still could not secure pass marks or your marks were too low. You can go for re-correction of your papers by filling the Enquiries about Results (EAR) form. This form should be submitted to the NEBOSH board for re-marking your papers.

Not everyone wants to choose EAR option. Unless you believe strongly that re-marking will improve your marks/grade, you should not choose EAR. You can send your appeal to NEBOSH within 20 working days from the date of announcement of results to re-correct your paper(s).

As taking the right decision at right time is crucial, you should at once contact your course coordinator for guidance to fill EAR form before the due date (late submission will not be accepted) or getting information directly from NEBOSH.

How much does it cost for EAR request?

The EAR form for every NEBOSH Certificate Unit paper will cost and it may vary depending on the qualification, you can check the student fee list here. You can pay directly to NEBOSH through cheque, BACs, postal order or debit/credit card. You will receive your re-mark results within 40 days from the date of payment. You can expect one of the three possible outcomes – your mark may go up, remains the same or even go down. Therefore, it is worth discussing with your course provider before applying for EAR.

On positive side, if your grade goes up from ‘refer’ (near fail) to ‘pass’ after revaluation, your EAR cost will be refunded. Similarly, candidates receiving ‘pass’ to ‘credit’ marks, can expect the refund. Only those who did not get any change in remarks or reduced marks, will get no refund.

Resitting your NEBOSH Certificate exams(s)

You can go for resitting NEBOSH certificate exams to better your result. As planning is the key to success, you need to do a lot of ground works before resitting for NEBOSH exam.

The first and foremost one is that you should discuss your option with your guide or course provider and make a clear road map for your NEBOSH exam.

Whether you have done the course through online or classroom, you should analyse how good was your training provider and what extra thing could have made the difference. It could be possible that your preparations for the exam needed better planning.  Either you can change your course provider and start afresh or improve your preparation standard to clear the exam.

Either way, you need a good course provider who can guide you to success. Discuss with them and get their feedback. A good course provider will proactively assist you with relevant solutions to make you successful in your retake exam.

Review your preparation material and standard

After every March and September exam, NEBOSH publishes Examiners’ Reports for General Certificate. Students should download the exam reports and learn about the fields they need to strengthen. The course providers can analyse the reports thoroughly and help you clear NEBOSH exam in your next attempt.

It is worth analyzing your preparation material and how good are you in scheduling yourself to revise the chapters. Rise your preparation standard with the guidance of your course trainer and check your knowledge by doing lots of revisions and mock tests.

You can pass your NEBOSH certificate exam

Be positive and confident while you go for the second time. Since you have done your homework well, you will surely clear the exam in your next attempt.  Good luck!

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