How to Crack your NEBOSH Certificate exams?

How to Crack your NEBOSH Certificate exams?

NEBOSH has recently updated its internationally recognized safety qualification ‘NEBOSH General Certificate’ with a change in its assessment criteria. Now students have to undergo less assessments/exams to clear the certification.

A good course provider can give you right guidance and assistance which includes plenty of practices, assignments and feedbacks to make you exam-ready.

The updated NEBOSH General Certificate is for anyone who wish to develop their managerial skills in occupational health and safety roles and boost their career prospects.

Know your exams!

The new NEBOSH Certificate (2018 specification) module has 2 exams:

  1. National/International General 1 – IG1 : This is a 2-hour exam to be held at an examination center being supervised by an invigilator. The exam carries 50 % of the total marks.
  2. Practical risk assessment IG2: This is a workplace assignment test. This practical test contains 50% of the total mark.

NEBOSH Certificate Unit IG1 exam

IG1 assessment is the written exam. The invigilated test includes first 4 elements of the syllabus which covers health and safety management system.

The NEBOSH IG1 Exam contains one 20-mark question and ten 8-mark questions to be completed in 2 hours.

NEBOSH has discontinued the usage of NEBOSH command words in exams.

NEBOSH Certificate Unit IG2 Risk Assessment Practical

This assessment is to check how good are you to apply practical knowledge in real work environment.

Students have to complete this assessment in 4 parts:

  1. Description of the organisation and methodology used
  2. Choose at least 5 hazard categories and provide their risk assessment
  3. Prioritise 3 actions of the highest importance
  4. Review, communicate and check

Getting ready for NEBOSH Certificate Unit 1 exam

IG1 exam is held at NEBOSH designated exam centre. Your course coordinator will provide you the address and exam timing.

Ensure that you know the way to exam centre and reach before time. You need to show your photo identity to the invigilator to get the answer sheet.

You don’t need to write your name or number as your answer sheets are printed with your name and exam number.

After checking, the invigilator will give you question paper for the 2-hour-long exam. You should plan decisively to complete the exam within time.

What is the pass mark for NEBOSH Certificate?

Candidates should get at least 45 marks to pass IG1 and IG2. However, for IG2 Risk Assessment practical exam, which has four parts, you must achieve a pass on each of the 4 parts in order to pass this Unit.

Following are the grading systems of NEBOSH Certification.

Candidates scoring more than 75 marks are put under ‘Distinction’ while those who get between 65-74 marks are considered as ‘Credit’. While marks between 45-64 are ‘Pass’ grade, those who scored less than 45 are categorized as ‘refer’, who have to write the test again.

Learners will have 5 years of time from day of passing the 1st unit, within the 5years they have to complete their NEBOSH certification. If they failure to complete the course within the given, it won’t be consider as qualification and they need to retake the course.

NEBOSH Results

Results will be emailed to individual candidate within 10-12 weeks from the exam date or date of submitting risk assessment document. So, check your mail ID when you register for NEBOSH exam.

Candidates will receive hard copy of certificate within 40 working days after you have successfully completed both Units.

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