Key Guidelines to Restart the Workplace After COVID-19 Lockdown

Key Guidelines to Restart the Workplace After COVID-19 Lockdown

As the lockdown restrictions are gradually eased in some zones / districts wise to bring back the economy on track, the “India Government“ has issued some “Guidelines for restarting the workplaces after lockdown”

Here are the key guidelines that every workforce and organization should follow,

Make Sure 24*7 Sanitization of Workplace

  • Every organization should need to sanitize their workplaces in every two-three hours after each use and especially on the common floors like lunchrooms, tables, rest rooms, etc…
  • For accommodation, sanitization needs to be performed regularly to ensure the safety of labourers and reduce the chain process of the virus.

Front-door Health Screening

Ensure gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers to be provided at all workplace units

Provide Sanitizers and PPE’s to everyone

Every workforce needs to be checked (temperature) twice a day if any symptoms showed should not report to work.

Educate COVID-19 Awareness to Workers

Educate the safety measures at the personal level from entry to exit in the workplace

Ensure the Storage of Essential Commodities during Quarantine

  • Sterilise boxes and wrapping brought into premises
  • Isolate and sanitize finished goods as appropriate
  • Delivery of goods in shifts

Follow Social Distancing Measures

Create physical barriers and marks to follow the social distancing measures in the entire workplace and provide face protection shields along with masks and PPEs

Allocate Split-Shift Working

  • Organizations that work 24/7 at full production capacity should have a break between the work shifts, except the workplaces required continuous operations
  • Administrative and executive-level employees should work one shift at a 33% workforce as per MHA guidelines; overriding priority should be conducted with personnel safety precautions
  • Provide additional sets of tools to avoid sharing the equipment

Make a Plan to Identify Positive Case

Organizations should have to prepare accommodation to isolate workers who have a positive result with mandatory quarantine for 14 days

Bearing Critical Resources

Employees who handle the hazardous material must be skilled and experienced in the field

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