National save Your Hearing Day May 31st 2021

National save Your Hearing Day May 31st 2021

“Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people”-                                                                                                                       – Helen Keller

National Save Your Hearing Day is celebrated on 31st May of every year, which indicates the importance of hearing for every human being. Life would become hell if any of our sense organ gets defected. This day gives us an opportunity to create awareness and know the importance of saving our hearing.

Excessive noise at workplace like mining industry, air force, construction site, manufacturing factories can increase the probability of hearing damage to workers. Sound below 70dBA is generally safe, whereas sound above 85dBA may likely damage hearing ability.

Tips to reduce excessive noise at workplace:

• Place the equipment in sound proof room /isolated place
• Noisy equipment can be used when less number of people exposed
• Personal hearing protection like ear plugs/ ear muffs can be used
• Avoid using headphone /earphones for longer period

Green World Group, the leading HSE training and consultancy service provider would like to insist public and employees on importance of saving your hearing day by following the few mentioned tips. Green World Group offers range of International industry specific health and safety courses which can be learnt through virtual /live online training, E-Learning and In- house training.

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