Happy 72nd Republic Day 2021

Happy 72nd Republic Day 2021

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people”-                                                                                                         Mahatma Gandhi

26th of January is honoured every year as Republic day in India, which came into effect in the year 1950 by replacing the Government of India Act as governing document of India. This day is usually celebrated with great ritual throughout India to honour our country’s phenomenal achievement and sacrifices by freedom fighters and defence personnel in the past years.

Every school, college, Government, and Non-Government institution celebrates this day with immense glory to portray the greatness of our Indian nation through singing patriotic songs, healthy debates, speech, and other cultural activities, etc… It’s our duty and responsibility to stand by the side of morals, justice, equal rights for the prosperity and peace of our country.

Being a citizen of India, every individual should feel proud and brave to be in such a dignified and prosperous nation…!

On this Occasion, Green World Group, pioneers in HSE consultancy and services wishes everyone a Happy Republic day 2021…!  And pay tribute to the freedom fighters and defence personals who sacrificed their precious lives to safeguard the country and other citizens.

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