Substance Abuse at Workplace &  5’s Safety Awareness In-Company Training

Substance Abuse at Workplace & 5’s Safety Awareness In-Company Training

Green World had successfully conducted Face to Face In-Company 2 days of Training in New Delhi and 1 Day of Training in Bangalore, for “Substance Abuse at Workplace & 5’s Safety Awareness” for the delegates of JCDecaux by our experienced tutor Mr. Hormuz Siodia.

Substance Abuse at Workplace

Substance abuse is defined as using any substance that impairs a person’s judgment, clarity, and functioning. Workplace substance misuse includes arriving at work intoxicated or high and drinking or using on the job, even during breaks.

What is 5’s Safety

The 5’S Methods use conventional housekeeping standards in the workplace, and it contributes to increased efficiency by removing waste, enhancing flow, and lowering the number of operations when possible.
Applying 5S in the workplace is essential since it may lead to more efficient things.

5’s Methods

Every organization, regardless of industry, must strictly apply the 5S technique.

  • Sort
  • Set
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

Sort – The Sort step entails getting rid of any extra stuff in the workplace.
Set – The Set phase includes arranging things in conveniently accessible and secure workplace areas.
Shine – The Shine step includes after you’ve decluttered your desk and stowed objects in their proper places. Tools, equipment, workplaces, and facilities must be thoroughly cleaned every day.
Standardize – Maintain an environment where the First Stage (Set) through the Third Stage (Shine) are applied consistently throughout the organization.
Sustain – It focuses on establishing a new workplace mentality and norm.

JCDecaux in-house training at Bangalore

JCDecaux in-house training at New Delhi

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