Green World’s Conducted In-Company Training On “Working at Height” for the Delegates of Carpi India

Green World’s Conducted In-Company Training On “Working at Height” for the Delegates of Carpi India

Green World Group delivered in-company one-day training on Working at Height via Face-to-Face Session on 26th February 2022 for the group of delegates from Carpi India Waterproofing Specialists Private Limited, Chennai, by our leading HSE expert Mr. Senthil Nathan.

What is Working at Height?

Work at height refers to any situation in which a person might fall a significant distance and sustain bodily damage if proper measures are not taken.
you are working at height if you:

  • are working on a ladder or a flat roof;
  • could fall through a fragile surface;
  • could fall into an opening on a floor or a hole in the ground.

Working at a height necessitates taking the necessary precautions to prevent falling from a large height, which might cause serious injury. Falling from height is one of the most prevalent work-related injury causes.

All work from height operations must be carried out safely, which is the employer’s obligation. Supervisors, employees working at height, contractors, and self-employed individuals are all qualified for height work.

Benefits: –

There are more benefits for employees and employers at this certification. Here are some benefits below:

  • Proper Emergency techniques
  • Gain Knowledge & Experience
  • Quickly diagnose any workplace hazards.
  • It helps to reduce direct and indirect costs
  • Medical claims
  • Fines and legal costs
  • Reputation Maintenance
  • Employee Morale and so on

Green World Group

Green World Group is a top-ranked Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consultancy provider that provides a variety of HSE services based on client needs and offers a variety of health and safety courses from international accreditation bodies such as NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHA, RoSPA, CPD UK, and other custom-made OHS corporate training certification.

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