Scaffolding Awareness Training

Scaffolding Awareness Training


Green World delivered In-house face-to-face training on “Scaffolding Awareness training & Work at height” to the delegates of Visotech, Pune which was conducted by our Experienced tutor Mr. Hormuz Siodia on October 1st 2022 .

What is Scaffolding awareness training?

The Scaffolding awareness training provides employees with the necessary knowledge about the risks and hazards of working at height on scaffolding.

This training was designed to help the organization to achieve its HSE objectives as per their plans by giving them a solid understanding of scaffolding by category level, including safety requirements.


Learning Outcomes

This training aims to give a complete understanding of the safety requirements for scaffoldings used in the construction industry and how to protect people and workers from the hazards related to setting up, using, and removing scaffoldings.

Additionally, an employee can learn about HSE regulations and standards, safe work practices, hazard identification techniques, and quality assurance methods.

Scaffolding Awareness Training at Green World

Green World is a company that offers a wide range of services and training to consumers, organizations, and individuals. We have been providing scaffolding awareness training to many corporate companies since 2006. Our trained instructors are able to give you the knowledge you need to safely use scaffolding in your own business or home improvement projects.

Are you looking for scaffolding safety training? We are a team of experienced professionals who have been working with scaffolding for over 16+ years.

For further details about the course, please call +971 552851440 or +91 8015527650 & Mail us at (or)

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