Eligibility and Qualification for Nebosh Course in India

Eligibility and Qualification for Nebosh Course in India

Nebosh IGC

For students and working professionals who aspire to become health and safety experts, knowing the entry requirements for various NEBOSH courses is critical for making wise decision. Undoubtedly, NEBOSH certification is the most sought-after safety qualification by industries globally with over 50,000 candidates applying for NEBOSH Qualification every year to enhance their career objectives.

Nebosh Course Qualification & Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for NEBOSH Course is for everyone to Study, Pass and Utilize the workplace Health and Safety. Except some advanced level NEBOSH Qualification, there is an entry level qualification need for writing NEBOSH examinations.


Popular NEBOSH Qualification are

NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH Diploma do mandate students to have specific qualifications, skills, technical understanding and domain knowledge to take up the specialized course. However, all NEBOSH courses mandate students to complete report writing, project assignments and go through different assessment processes.

You can also read our NEBOSH IGC course assessment blogs to understand more on NEBOSH IGC preparation.

Candidates can also approach our course advisors to know about the entry requirements for NEBOSH courses.

Entry Requirements for NEBOSH International General Certification

The level 3 qualification, NEBOSH IGC is equivalent to a level of starting point for many people, who wish to start their career in occupational health and safety management.

NEBOSH IGC does not need any previous health and safety knowledge to study this course expect good English knowledge. NEBOSH IGC helps the candidates to pursue NEBOSH International Diploma (iDip), Level 6 health and safety qualification

NEBOSH Diploma Qualification Entry Requirements

Qualification for NEBOSH course certifications are recognized globally which can make one as professional health and safety advisors and environmental safety practitioner.

To do this high level course, candidates has to possess NEBOSH certificate or any equivalent certification along with adequate knowledge and experience of health and safety. Since NEBOSH Diploma can be equivalent to degree qualification, students must allocate significant study time to complete this course. Minimum English Language skills needed.

Learners must have a good English knowledge to understand or comprehend the lessons and concepts correctly because all NEBOSH course study materials, exams & project reports are in English.

The level of English language requirement may vary which largely follows international English language testing system (IELTS) score system.

You can check IELTS website to understand about the test and assessment procedure.

Qualification Required for Nebosh Course

NEBOSH Course Minimum level of English based on IELTS scores Other Recommended Requirements
NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety 7.0 IGC or equivalent plus previous experience of health & safety
NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety 6.0 None
NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management 6.0 None
NEBOSH (HSW) Health and Safety at Work 5.0 None

Once you approach our NEBOSH course provider, your level of English will be assessed and determined whether your English language level is adequate to take up the NEBOSH course.


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