Smart Techniques to Pass NEBOSH Exams!!!

Smart Techniques to Pass NEBOSH Exams!!!

How to pass Nebosh IGC Exams?

Dear HSE Professionals & Students,

Are you the one aspiring for NEBOSH IGC Certification?

Are you looking for the easy techniques to pass NEBOSH Exams???? …. If so, unquestionably the below 15 Smart Techniques will explain you the path for NEBOSH Exam success

After reading these 15 techniques you will definitely realize passing NEBOSH Exam is highly possible by applying your efforts properly along with us. These techniques have helped many of our Students to reap success in Exams.

1. Identify The Secret Of Success

NEBOSH IGC will give the assured HSE career success which is evident from the job portals . So the secret of success is identifying the target and keeping your Smart efforts towards it

Smart efforts means planning for the course, Attending all Sessions, Daily Studying of NEBOSH Elements, Revising the completed Elements, Attempting for all Mock Test, Self Evaluation and Applying the Tutors feedback for your improvements.

“GWG constantly improving its Training Methodology and the above Smart effort features are merged in our NEBOSH IGC Training Framework”.

2. Balance Your Mind

Keep your desires like HSE Career, Promotion, Salary Hike, Abroad opportunity as a driving force rather than as a Stress factor

Plan your Night studies, Group Studies accordingly and keep yourself relax, as you know Success is a state of Mind.

“GWG provides refreshment breaks in between the sessions at right time and the Tutors will do previous day Chapter revision to ensure that the Students will be stimulated to focus in the sessions”.

3. Prepare Your Exam Guide

During Session observe the book Page by Page and mark properly the possible questions, mnemonics, additional points .This approach to be maintained for each chapter.

Your NEBOSH books should be converted as Exam guide at the end of the sessions

“GWG PPT slides are updated regularly and ensures all the contents are covered completely from the book with possible exam questions from each sub topic”

4. Visualize The Concepts

While learning the concepts always try to imagine and visualize practically from your work place scenarios, Safety Signs, Case studies which will be helpful to handle indirect questions

“GWG Tutor will show relevant documents, reports like Safety Policy, Permit to Work while taking GC1 Sessions and display relevant videos for GC2 Session like Fall from Height, Fork lift precautions, Lifting hazards etc., which will be helpful to understand the concepts rather than memorizing”.

5. Understand Nebosh Command Words

Understand the NEBOSH Command words and do practice of writing your answers accordingly

“GWG Tutor will explain the NEBOSH Command Words with examples during the First day of your GC1 Session after completing Element 1 and they give continuous feed back to you after evaluating the Mock test papers”.

6. Do Self Assessment with Model Questions

After reading an Element, do self assessment by answering for Model questions

While answering give keen focus for the NEBOSH Command Words, Question Pattern and allocated Marks

“GWG Tutor after completing each element will project the Sample Questions on the board and will discuss the prompt answers to be written. Note the guidance given by the Tutor”.

7. Keep Up Your Writing Pace

Along with reading, practice writing as much as possible which will improve your writing speed.

It will also help you to remember the points in an orderly manner

Remember 11 Questions to be written in 120 minutes which demands an average speed of 10 minutes per question

“GWG Tutor conducts regular Mock test with the above timescale criteria and gives rigorous practice to maintain your writing speed”.

8. Implement Mnemonics Strategies

  • Apply Mnemonics to remember GC1 Contents as follows
  • Name Mnemonics can be used to remember Topic focus and other important contents as below:
    Barriers to Good Standards of Health and Safety – C C B, Complexity, Conflicting Demands & Behavioral Issue,
  • Connection mnemonics can be used to remember the information that is connected to something already known.
    For e.g., In GC1 – Element 3 Employer & Worker Responsibilities contents can be compared with Element 1 ILOs articles related to Employer & Worker.
  • Concept Mapping is a diagram that depicts suggested relationships between concepts.This can be implemented in GC1 – Element 2 as below

9. Apply Grouping Technique

In GC2 the contents related to specific topic can be grouped which will be helpful to avoid confusions as they are similar in nature.

For e.g.,

  • Element 2: Managing Work-Related Road Safety, Work related Driving Risk Assessment, Control Measures necessary to control the risks created by Vehicle Operation,
  • Element 3: MSD Ergonomic Risk Factors, Assessing Manual Handling Risk, Minimizing Manual Handling Risk.

10. Prepare Content Gridse

  • In GC2 the contents in the Elements are arranged in the pattern like Hazard, Risk Prevention Hierarchy (or) Risk Assessment and Control Measures.
  • After completing each element prepare the content grid as below which will be so helpful to revise
Hazard Risk Prevention Hierarchy Risk Assessment Control Measure
Element 1 – Work at Height (Roof Hazard) Fragile Roof : Not specifically designed to carry loads and liable to collapse under the weight of a worker 1.Avoid Work at Height 2.Prevent Falls 3.Minimize the distance & Consequences Safe work method by use of Roof Ladders or Crawling boards
Element 6 – Fire Safety Common Causes of Fire Methods of Fire Spread Identify Fire Hazard, People, Identify & Implement Fire Precautions, Record & Review Control of Flammable Material, Control of Ignition Sources, Systems of Work, Good Housekeeping and Structural Measures

11. Create Smart Tables

  • Smart table can be created for the repetitive contents mainly for GC2
  • For e.g., the following sub topic in “Element 4 Machinery Hazards & Protection – Specific Examples” can be arranged as below
Machinery Hazards & Protection
Machine Types Hazards Protection
Office Machinery
Photocopier Drawing In and Entanglement, Electricity, Contact with Hot Parts, Health Hazard from Ozone Fixed & Interlock Guards, Routine Inspection & Testing, Use in a Ventilated Room

This same technique can be adopted for Element 7 Specific Substance Hazardous to Health and Element 8 Ionizing & Non Ionizing Radiation

12. Revision – The Key For Success

  • Before moving to new topics revise the previous topic for few minutes and then proceed further
  • Prepare handy notes and review it whenever you are free
  • After completing reading, close your book and attempt to recollect the contents

13. Understand The Examiner Expectation

  • Always write answers according to NEBOSH Command Key words
  • Write relevant key points and HSE terms
  • Provide proper answer with relevant examples
  • Discuss with your Tutor and get information for your improvement

“GWG Tutor will conduct Mock Test and will give Feedback for your enhancement”.

14. Resolve Your Queries

  • Do not stop yourself to ask doubts related to Concepts or Exam procedures
  • Our Trainer and Our Admin always be with you to solve your concern

15. Defeat Your Exam Tension

Remember Calm Mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges .So…

  • Make yourself present in the exam hall in advance
  • After receiving the question paper , read the question paper patiently
  • Understand the Question, confirm the answer and then start writing
  • Attempt all questions with relevant points as much as possible

Best Wishes from Green World Group for your successful completion of NEBOSH IGC Exams!!!


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