What is the Duration for the NEBOSH COURSE

What is the Duration for the NEBOSH COURSE

One of the most obvious questions for NEBOSH IGC aspirers is that ‘how long will it take to compete the qualification’. Being a student or working professional, it is quite natural that everyone wants to compete the course soon.

NEBOSH general certificate offers flexibility to learners to compete the course, whether they do it online or classroom mode. In all, a student needs about 133 hours of study time which can be broken down into ‘tuition hours’ and ‘self-study hours.’ How much time one will take to complete the course is largely depends on one’s commitment, learning method, availability of time and quality of study material.


NEBOSH IGC duration are crucial as you learn all core things and concepts either through online or in the classroom. Every course provider allocates a minimum of 80 tuition hours for all the 3 units to complete the syllabus comfortably.

When you opt for online mode of learning, you have flexibility in everything such as time, place of study and daily study hours. You have course material for core lessons and notes. So, you need to plan your study hours for weekdays and weekends. If you can’t, then it will take longer time to complete the lessons. Most of the service providers want you to complete the course soon. So, they put a deadline for accessing their online course and support system. It is, therefore, better to check this before starting.

Students opting for Classroom study will have to attend classes daily from 9am to 5pm for 10 days spreading across two weeks. (1 week for each Unit). Along with the time spent in the classroom, you’ll also be expected to complete homework and additional study during the breaks between the sessions to improve your chances of early completion of NEBOSH IGC.

NEBOSH Self-study hours

After tuition hours, you need some solid time to revise the concepts and do some extra study/research from different learning sources. You have to have a minimum of 53 hours in hand for self-study, revision, reading journals, analyzing content across various websites, watching subject videos, attending webinars and doing homework.

You also need to allocate time for interactive activities, checking past exam questions and going through links to relevant research within the self-study hours. So, if you can manage all these within the specified time, you can sit for the exam with full confidence. Classroom students will get printed course materials and workbooks and also direct communication with tutors who can guide them to fetch additional information from quality resources.


NEBOSH General Certificate exam has two papers – each one for NGC1 and GC2, and 1 practical assignment for GC3.
Written exams can be done through a NEBOSH approved course provider under exam conditions. The two-hour exam for each paper will be held on the same day with NGC1 starting at 9am, and GC2 at 2pm.
GC3 assignment should be completed and submitted within two weeks of your written exams.
NEBOSH exams are held 4 times a year during March, June, September and December. If you are studying through classroom, you can schedule your exam right after completing your course. For online students, they have to inform their course providers about the convenient date so that they can make the arrangements.

How long is your certificate valid for?

NEBOSH certificate is valid for life. You just have to pass it, that’s all. However, if you want to further your qualifications like NEBOSH Diploma, you should do it before 5 years of completing NEBOSH General Certificate.


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