A comprehensive safety management system benefits companies in keeping their workforce safe from all potential hazards and risks.

Through safety auditing, companies’ safety performance can be analyzed and timely decision can be made to avert disasters. Our students get excellent guidance to perform effective auditing of workplaces for safety preparedness and review of safety conditions so that employers can improve safety and health culture of workplaces.

Our auditing of OHS safety management system allows participants to gain exceptional knowledge and required practical performance skills to conduct successful workplace audit.

Students can select our Auditing Courses from the following list.

Lead Auditor Course in Chandigarh approved by ISO

Our ISO recognized Lead Auditor course helps participants conduct independent auditing as per global standards and can also apply for ISO-certified auditor accreditation.

Successful candidates can able to perform first, second and third party auditing of entire management system and can also review compliance conditions by following international management practices.

We offer safety courses at our training centers throughout the year. Students can also join our online safety audit courses and complete them at their own convenient time while remaining at their respective geographical location.

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Internal Auditor Courses

Internal Auditor Course in Chandigarh

We offer ISO accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) Internal Auditor Training which optimizes candidates’ auditing knowledge and skills equivalent to international standards and also improve practical ability for successful internal auditing. On completion, candidates showcase improved confidence in planning and executing effective audit and also the ability to provide findings and recommendations to the management to improve safety protocols.

Students also learn the benefits of integrated management system as such system allows an organization to enjoy the benefits of multiple standards while formulating one single, efficient, sustainable and individually tailored management system.

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