An effective health and safety management system forms key component of ensuring workplace safety. Our Safety Auditor Course makes candidates capable of performing effective auditing of workplaces to assess their safety compatibilities and preparedness and advice the management to take effective decision to improve safety culture. Such regular reviews of safety performance can lead to improvement in safety and health condition of employees.

Our training to candidates helps them to enhance knowledge and practical skills to plan and execute safety audits equal to international standards. We offer candidates the following Auditing Courses.

Green World Group has following Auditing Courses in Hyderabad.

1. Lead Auditor Course – approved by ISO

The ISO affiliated Lead Auditor course enhances delegates’ capabilities to confidently perform auditing independently and can also aim for the prestigious ISO accreditation.

Our experts help candidates to enhance their operational skills to perform first, second and third party auditing of integrated management system and assess compliance measures using international standards.

Lead auditor courses are conducted at all our centers throughout the year. We also have a wide range of popular safety audit courses available through online or e-learning mode where students can study and complete by staying at their respective places and at their convenient time.

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2. IMS Internal Auditor Course

Every company should regularly conduct internal audit to understand the risks and new hazards. Our Integrated Management System Lead Auditor Course, equal to ISO standard, trains candidates to optimize their auditing skills and capabilities to perform internal auditing. After the successful completion, participants will show renewed confidence in planning and performing time-bound and effective audit and learn to report the findings and provide remedial actions to prevent accidents and losses.

Our Internal Auditor Course will help to understand the importance of Integrated Management System. Such system helps enterprises appreciate the benefits of multiple standards while creating one single compatible and efficient management system.

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