Regular auditing to understand workplace risk management quality and new risk perception helps organizations reduce accidents and potential losses. Our Safety Auditor Course makes students and employees understand the importance of safety audit, learn effective auditing methods, assessment of risk management system and preparation of report for management to take measures to reduce risks.

Students get exposure to real-life auditing procedures, international standards, regulatory practices, effective auditing methods and reporting procedures.

We offer the following popular Auditing Courses.

1. ISO Lead Auditor Course in Cochin

GWG offers Lead Auditor Course which helps learners become independent auditors who can later apply to serve as Lead Auditors.

Successful candidates can be able to perform first, second and third-party auditing of integrated management system and also gain operational skills to understand and report about the existing standards of compliance system.

Candidates can also choose our online course and study at their own pace by remaining at their preferred location and complete the course comfortably.

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2. Integrated Management System – IMS Internal Auditor Course in Cochin

Internal auditing is the first step towards understanding the risk perception and make necessary measures before a disaster beckon. Our internal auditing course aims to educate people about the essence of auditing and also those who are engaged in performing auditing of risk management system. The training helps candidates improve their auditing skills, understand integrated Management System (IMS) and perform auditing as per ISO standard

Apart from learning effective auditing, reporting and assessing methods, students also learn standard practices, benefits of IMS and best planning procedures. Through this course, we strive to create awareness on multiple standards while emphasizing the importance of one single effective management system.

For More information about IMS Course check our Blog “IMS Course

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