An effective and workable health and safety management system is important for any organization who aspires to have safe work culture. By following frequent auditing and risk assessment practices, employers can avoid accidents and associated losses. Also, companies should regularly review their safety performance so that there should be continuous efforts to improvise risk control system.

Through our health and safety auditor training course, we educate candidates and working processionals about importance of frequent safety audit and processes and procedures to conduct successful auditing.

Green World Group has following Auditing Courses in Ahmedabad.

1. Lead Auditor Course – approved by ISO

The Lead Auditor certification helps candidates confidently work as independent auditors and can also aim for ISO-certified lead auditor recognition.

Candidates completing this Lead Auditor course can be able to do first, second and third party auditing of total management system and assess compliance standards by applying international management procedures.

Auditing courses are conducted at our training centers throughout the year. Candidates can also join our online Safety Audit Course that can be completed at any time without compromising their academic and professional commitments.

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2. IMS Internal Auditor Course

Internal audit is the most preferred auditing system by companies, and our internal auditing course, popularly known as Integrated Management System (IMS) internal Auditor Training (IRCA Std), helps to optimize participants with auditing skills at par with international standards. Those who complete the course can be effectively plan to perform risk audit internally and report and assess the findings to the management to take appropriate actions to reduce potential risks and dangers.

Students also learn the benefits of having a successful integrated management system. The IMS allows employers enjoy the positives of multiple standards while creating a single competent, efficient and individually-tailored management system.

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